Project Free Our Knowledge

The world’s first collective action platform for researchers

Open science practices have the potential to radically transform the way scientists conduct and communicate their research. Unfortunately, hyper-competition between academics keeps us locked into the old way of doing things (e.g., journals, publishers, sequestering data/code, etc.) and limits the full embrace of digital communication made available by the internet. Project Free Our Knowledge (FOK) aims to overcome this cultural inertia (otherwise known as a collective action problem) by organising collective action between researchers on a global scale. Using our website, researchers can pledge to take action subject to there being a critical mass of their peers who have agreed to take the same action. By acting together, we hope to accelerate the adoption of open science practices in academia, while protecting and motivating those individuals who feel unable to take action on their own.

Join the mailing list here, donate to the project here, or get in touch via twitter, facebook or email. See the presentations page for a list of conferences and workshops I’ve presented these ideas at.

Understanding bias in peer review

I’m also developing ideas for a new line of metaresearch (research on research) on the types of judgements experts make during peer review, which I hope will one day evolve into a more open, inclusive, researcher-controlled system of scholarly communication and evaluation. You can see a glimpse of what I’m planning here. Until I can figure out a more sustainable revenue stream for this work, I’ll be funding it by playing poker.